Encinitas Village Announcement

Our Documents

Our By-Laws

The Encinitas Village By-Laws are the written rules which govern how our homeowners association is organized, structured, and operated.

Encinitas Village By-Laws

Our Rules & Regs

The Encinitas Village Rules & Regulations detail the various rules and regulations that homeowners agreed to adhere to when they purchased their property within the association.

Encinitas Village Rules & Regs

Our CC&Rs

The Encinitas Village Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions (CC&Rs) is the legal document that specifies the guidelines for our planned community. The purpose of the CC&Rs is to preserve, protect and enhance the value of our community.

Encinitas Village CC&Rs

Our Insurance Certificate

The Encinitas Village Certificate of Insurance (COI) is essentially "proof of insurance" for lenders and certifies that coverage exists, identifies the insurance companies supplying the coverage, and lists the covered areas and amounts.

Encinitas Village COI

Our Policy Declarations

Curious about what insurance our homeowners association carries?  Find the answers in our Policy Delcarations document below.

Encinitas Village Policy

Our Annual Budget

Wondering about our Reserves? Have questions about our Operating Budget? Check out the Encinitas Village HOA Annual Budget.

Encinitas Village Budget

Our Accountant's Review

Although substantially less thorough than an audit, the Accountant's Review employs an independent accountant to assess the degree to which our financial statements are in compliance with generally accepted accounting principles.

Accountant's Review

Encinitas Village Aerial View

This amazing aerial view of Encinitas Village shows Summer View Circle in its entirety and has lot lines and house numbers clearly identified.

Encinitas Village Aerial View

Encinitas Village Plot Map

The Encinitas Village Plot Map details the overall layout of the community and includes lot numbers, parking spaces and fence locations.

Encinitas Village Plot Map

Encinitas Village Paint Colors

Want to touch up the paint on your home?  Wondering exactly what paint color to use?  Check out the Encinitas Village Approved Paint Colors.

Approved Paint Colors